How to: “Quote Dumping” With Kindle

In my last post, I mentioned that one reason I like reading with my Kindle app so much is how easy it makes it for me to manage my highlights and notes. I’m currently preparing for my primary comprehensive exam in November (yikes), and this feature helps me streamline my research and studying process.

I once painstakingly tried to copy down all quotes (along with citation information) I thought might be significant and useful for the future. And, more often than not, I was too tired/rushed/lazy/[insert appropriate adjective here] to do this while I was actually reading. This meant I either had to go back to the text and filter through all my highlights when I needed them, or I didn’t return to the text at all. (I’m ducking my head in shame.)

Total waste of time. And time is the one thing in my life I cannot afford to waste.

Now, all I do is highlight key passes in the Kindle app (either on my iPad or Mac), log into my kindle account online, and view all my highlights on one page. Once I’ve finished reading a text, I copy all the highlights into a document and file it away. Quote dump complete.

This also saves me time note-taking. Rather than taking detailed notes on every text I read that I use later to refresh my memory, I pull up my quote dump document. Skimming through my highlights gives me a very good idea about what I’ve read. Now, I save note-taking for annotation only: personal comments, flashes of brilliance ideas, criticism, or questions.

Just for kicks, here’s my entire process…

Yeh, there are a few steps involved. But it sure beats writing down or typing out (or even copying and pasting) every individual quote.


One thought on “How to: “Quote Dumping” With Kindle

  1. Thanks so much for the tips. Sounds like useful info. I was wondering how my highlights in my Kindle app could be used in another format. Miss the copy/paste of a Word doc, but this is useful for sure. Thanks again.

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