Lendle: New Kind of Book-Borrowing

Borrow Books and Carry On


Bought a Kindle book that’s just been sitting there since you finished it? Lend it out! Lendle.com is a book sharing site that allows you to lend out and borrow Kindle books–for free!

Lendle.com is based on the idea of “share-and-share-alike,” so you can’t actually borrow books unless you’re willing to lend out some of your books, as well. But it all sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me. You earn “credits” for each book you lend out. Once the credit adds up to $10, you can spend it at Amazon.com.

Hmmm… sounds like I’ve found a way to help fund my Amazon.com habit!

Check out Lendle’s FAQ page for more info.


Image Source: Flickr, Adrian Short


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