What I’m Doing This Weekend: Atlanta Service Jam 2012

(Video Source: Global Service Jam 2012 – on Vimeo.)

I’m pretty excited about my weekend plans. A GSU English Rhet/Comp graduate, Kallen, and I are attending the 2012 Atlanta Service Jam.  It’s part of a global event–with teams from the US, Belgium, Germany, and Spain, to Greece, Saudi Arabia, China, New Zealand, and Australia–and attracts students, designers, academics, professionals, usability and customer service experts, and writers.

The video at the beginning of the post sums it up pretty well, but I’m a little bit fuzzy on all the details (which, I think, is intentional). From what I gather, at 5 pm on Friday evening we are introduced to some sort of service problem that we have 48 hours to solve. As a team, we work to plan and create some sort of prototype solution (in the form of a website, video, photo storyboard, whatever..). At the end of the weekend, all of the projects are a published under a Creative Commons license.

The Atlanta Service Jam is being hosted by Info Retail, a service design company in Atlanta that works with businesses to solve design problems and optimize their customer/user experience. Info Retail is made up of industrial and visual designers, business strategists, business marketing experts, project managers, and usability specialists–so I would assume Atlanta Service Jam will attract more of the same.

It should be a pretty interesting experience. If nothing else, it’ll give me a very different perspective and point of context for the texts I’ve been reading this semester.


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