Anthologize: Turn Blogs into eBooks

Screen Capture of Anthologize home page

Anthologize – Interesting app developed at George Mason University that lets users grab content from WordPress 3.0 blogs and compile them into an book.

Content can be saved and published digitally in PDF, ePub, or TEI formats.

I read about it in an article from the Chronicle of Higher Ed on the Challenges of the Digital Humanities. The article was a response to some of themes being discussed at the recent 2012 MLA conference.


One thought on “Anthologize: Turn Blogs into eBooks

  1. That thing seems like a really interesting way to transform one’s continuous stream of thoughts to a comprehensive collection that can compliment one’s teaching or research portfolio. Really cool! Have you tried it out? I am hosted on, so I will have to wait until I move over to one day soon (Oh yes, and I will also have to wait until I become active in my research blog, too).

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