Questions: Recreating Tools for Teaching Communication Online

Questions to consider about recreating tools for teaching communication online:

  1. I’m consistently frustrated that I can’t spend more time discussing the work produced by individual students. Although creating online teaching tools would mean extensive work on the front end (developing, writing, producing, editing the tools), would it actually free up more time to discuss individual writing?  How much “instruction” could I offload to spaces outside the classroom, so I can focus more directly on individual concerns inside the classroom?
  2. How do we ensure that students use the technologies/applications outside of class? What types of checks must be in place? And how do we do that without giving students yet another login name and password.
  3. What level of writers would this be most effective for? First year writers? Intermediate? Advanced? Undergraduate? Graduate?
  4. What genre of writing would this be most effective for? Academic composition (whatever that means)? Business writing? Technical writing? Web writing?
  5. Am I trying to focus on teaching global process (organization, arrangement, delivery), or local form (grammar, mechanics).

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